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There’s good news for all the travel freaks out there! The Indian Railways is planning to start bullet trains on the Delhi-Amritsar and Mumbai-Pune route soon and we can’t wait to hop on & enjoy this first-of-its-kind experience.

Delhi - Amritsar In A Jiffy | Construction work for India’s first bullet train between Mumbai-Ahmedabad is in progress currently, and now the Railways has decided to start more bullet trains especially on the shorter routes, seeing as the short route faster trains will be able to provide a better substitute for airlines.

Higher speed trains for longer routes haven’t been able to provide favourable results, ‘cause a passenger will defo choose an airline say for Delhi-Chennai as even if a train runs at 300 kmph, the journey will still take around 10 hours and & travelling via air would take MUCH lesser time. 

The officials are at present examining the feasibility of Mumbai-Pune & Delhi-Amritsar high speed corridors, and whether travel time can be reduced to an hour or an hour and half from the present 3 hours! *WOOHOO* 

This will defo drive more people to use trains and a trip from Delhi - Amritsar will cost you around Rs 2,061, which ain’t too shabby!

Stay tuned for more deets on this!

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