Dilli Glutton

Some Whiskey Tadka? Try The JD-Infused Dal Makhni @ This Cool Cafe In CP!

Dal makhani, though a fave when it comes to North Indians, now comes in a new avatar - with Tamasha having a spectacular one that comes doused with whiskey! WOAH!! 

Jack Daniels Wali Dal! | Tamasha in CP has an amazing concoction of Dal Makhani with Jack Daniels whiskey infused in it! *Already lovin’ it* This sharaabi dal is served with mini garlic naans which is just as lethal a combination as it can get. 

The smokey flavours of JD + Dal Makhani just make it unique and an altogether different experience. We’ve heard of roast chicken cooked in wine and pasta cooked in vodka, but dal in whiskey? Never ever! 

Going to give this incredible combo a shot right away, we’re all set for some boozy lovin’! 

Price | Rs 665
Where | Tamasha - A 28, Anand House, KG Marg, CP
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/tamashacp