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15 Best Delhi Food Bloggers That You NEED To Follow For Daily Updates On Yummy Delights!

Delhi can just as well be referred to as the city of foodies. We Delhiites can name scores of places of where to find our favourite food in the city and with social platforms like Insta, every swipe of the finger offers something tempting and unique to try. So, we’ve curated a list to help you keep up the all the latest trends. Follow these amazing food bloggers and drool all day long!

1. @foodiesince96 | Mehak Dhawan

This young food enthusiast takes Delhiites for a foodilicious journey which not just includes gourmet food, but also Dilliwalas ka fave street food. An ardent believer of the phrase ‘Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna’, this blogger seems to be only concerned about the yummy delicacies on her plate and a great picture of the same!

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2.  @khaata_rahe_mera_dil | Paresh Gupta

Paresh is a hardcore foodie and his unceasing love for all things edible truly reflects in the quality of his feed! From crispy samosas to deep dish pizzas with crazy cheese pull, this guy tells us all about the hidden gems in the Capital where you can enjoy both street food  and a lavish fare. Go follow him, guys, his posts will sure make your mouth water!

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3. @myfoodproject | Shagun Raizada

A data analyst and a fantabulous food blogger, Shagun likes to call herself crazy and we think she’s talking about her craze for food because that’s quite clear from her Insta feed where, from exotic dishes to desi paranthas, she’s got them all. Her blog will give you all #foodgoals so do make sure to check it out!

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4. @shivesh17 | Shivesh Bhatia

An autodidact baker, Shivesh is super talented & passionate about food and is inspired by the likes of Linda Lomelino. He showcases tried and tested dessert recipes and gives equal importance to styling and photography which is evident in every photo he shares for they all are a work of art. His feed is a harmonious union of food and aesthetic and there’s absolutely no other way of putting it!

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5. @bhukkhadbybirth | Udit Batra

With 158 K followers and a feed loaded with chicken treats and overloaded thalis, we’re sure Udit is in absolute love with what he does, we mean who wouldn’t be, right? Scroll through his pictures and you’d know where to score the yummiest butter chicken, chicken kebabs, Amritsari kulche, chole bhature chicken biryani; basically everything a meat lover dreams about!

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6.  @iamdatingfood | Nikita Varma

This super pretty and cute blogger took food is bae quite literally by naming her Insta handle as iamdatingfood, cool, isn’t it? Her blog is full of drool-worthy food images from new places that pop open in the capital city or food trends that are in vogue. She loves to explore and try different cuisines and her stellar posts prove the same!

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7. @hungrydilliwaali | Neha Sharma

Seems like our charming, bespeckled blogger is in absolute love with pizzas and everything oozing with cheese, if her feed is anything to go by, and her pictures get us drooling EVERY SINGLE TIME. You can follow her if sinful dishes loaded with cheese and spices are your bae, just like it’s ours!

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8. @delhidelites | Anish Kapur

Another successful blogger, Anish Kapur seems to be in love with Chinese food ‘cause his feed is full of irresistible pictures of noodles, Manchurian, chilli potatoes, heaping plates of gravy momos, fried rice and some more noodles. And if you keep scrolling you’d also know that he has a particular liking for every Dilliwala’s jaan, the eternal momos and we bet you’d want to order a plate right away once you look at those pics! 

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9. @thecravingnomad | Vibhav Dwivedi

Vibhav likes to describe himself as confused, sleep deprived, an ardent coffee lover and ambitious and we’re in total agreement with Mr. Long Legs (he’s 6’3, like really!). His amah-zing gourmet journey is quite evident once you scroll through his Insta feed which is packed with our all-time fave chole bhature, momos, samose to delicious freakshakes, Indian curries, noodles and lots more!

Followers | 67.2 K
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10. @chatpati_shikha | Shikha & Harun

Just as her Insta handle suggests, Shikha is all about the chatpata street food and it’s no wonder that 100 K Delhiites follow her cause we totes love our spicy food, don’t we? If you’re craving a piquant plate of chole bhature, some buttery pav bhaji or a glass of that creamy lassi, then go through her Insta feed right away and get to know about the best spots for some sinful indulgence!

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11. @spiceitupwithsam | Sameer Bawa

Sameer recently came back to India and made a name for himself in the Delhi food blogging community in the blink of an eye. His keen interest in the capital’s street food scene clearly reflects his love for the city and proves the fact that a true Dilliwala can’t do without yummy food!

Followers | 82.4 K
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12. @reneechopra | Renee Chopra

Another cute blogger, Renee seems to be in a mad love with her noodles, be it spaghetti, Thai, Soba, decadent desserts or any other sort that you could ever think of. With a body that weighs no more than 40 kgs and feed that is loaded with mouthwatering dishes, we wonder where do all those scrumptious dishes go?!

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13. @karanfoodfanatic | Karan Tripathi

A food blogger who cooks as well, Karan Tripathi’s food styling & photography is not only top-notch but a visual treat too. He aims to gorge on every single cuisine that this world has to offer. From Dilli’s famous street food to fine dining, he captures it all. Check out his inviting Insta feed and you’ll know what we’re talking about here!

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14. @tashasartisanfoods | Natasha Minocha

Natasha Minocha a homebaker who loves experimenting in the kitchen. Her love for baking has opened up great doors, including recipe developments & professional food styling. She also takes up baking orders guys! Follow her through her journey of all things sweet and you’ll get a few tips too. 

Followers | 27.6 K
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15. @zingyzest | Sarah Hussain

A food critic who has also worked as a PR in hotels & restaurants, Sarah Hussain’s Instagram account is definitely going to give y’all not only a foodgasm but also FOMO feels. Her recommendations are genuine and her posts can guide you through the best eateries in Delhi. Check out her profile ASAP!

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So, open up your social media handles and get set following these awesome bloggers!

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