McDonald’s lovers, we have the saddest news ever for you guys, today - yes read it again TODAY, is probably the last day for you to indulge in some cheesy and delicious burgers and fries by them! DAMN! 

Our most favourite and fondest of memories when it comes to junk food have all been at McDonald's and recently, 43 outlets out of the 55 in Delhi shut down, and now, ALL the outlets in North & East India are slated to shut shop soon.

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As we’ve already told you, McDonald’s India has terminated the franchise agreement for 169 outlets in North and East India run by Connaught Plaza Restaurant Limited. Further, the brands cannot use the brand name any more for further operations. Time to say bye bye to McChicken and McAloo Tikki Burger guys! 

So go ahead and order up from whichever one is open near you, because today might just be the last day you can do that burger lovers! *Sob sob*

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Sourced Via News 18