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*Sob* McDonald's Will Soon Be A Distant Memory: 169 Outlets Will Be Shut In North & East India!

Here’s a huge bummer for you guys, McDonald’s is soon going to be a fond memory for most Indians and something that only foreign travels would hold for us! *Sob sob* 

McDonald’s India has terminated the franchise agreement for 169 outlets in North and East India run by Connaught Plaza Restaurant Limited! WOAH! Further, the brands cannot use the brand name any more for further operations. Time to say bye bye to McChicken and McAloo Tikki Burger guys! 

CPRL was a 50:50 joint venture between Vikram Bakshi, an estranged partner of the US-based food chain giant and McDonald’s India. As part of the termination, CPRL must cease to use the McDonald’s name, system, trademark, designs and its associated intellectual property, among others within 15 days of the termination notice.

This will further lead to shutting down of most, if not all, McDonald’s outlets in North and East India! This sucks and we’re surely going to miss Mcdonald’s SOOO much! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times