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Soak In The Sun & Devour Fettuccine Pasta @ The Outdoor Brunches Here In GGN

What’s your favorite winter ritual? We’ll tell you ours - sitting outside, soaking in the sun, eating to our hearts’ content *#WinterBodyGoals* and just enjoying the thandi thandi breeze *happy sighs*! And if we add peace and lush greenery to this scene of pure bliss, then we know you’d agree when we say - this just sounds heavenly! So if you want to experience this bliss, then check out this place in GGN that has already stolen our hearts!  

Sun + Food = Perfect Brunch | Caddyshack: Cafe By The Greens is THE perfect place for all your winter brunches! Set in the middle of the lush Hamoni Golf Camp in GGN, this place will give you full-on European feels with the yummiest food and the prettiest decor. Their menu has everything from Bengali to Parsi to traditional European dishes and trust us people, you’ll adore  their Vegetable Stroganoff Fettuccine Pasta, Dal Meat, The Club Sandwich Burger and basically everything else on the menu!  

So head out with you friends or a fam jam over the weekend ‘cause winters are best enjoyed in the sun with some delicious food! 

Where | Caddyshack: Cafe By The Greens - CK Farm, Carterpuri Village, Sector 23A, Gurgaon
Meal For Two | Rs 900
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