The South Asian Association For Gastronomy has organised a Food For Thought Fest celebrating the traditional foods that unify the gastronomic heritage of various regions like Nepal, Bhutan, India and Sri Lanka among others. 

The event is all about bringing together speakers, chefs and restaurateurs from South Asian regions to spread their knowledge. The event is divided into three parts: The Thought Fest, The Food Fest and The Fun Fest.

The Thought Fest is all about paper presentations, talks, interviews and panel discussions. The Food Fest brings the actual flavours of the region to the food fest through a South Asian Food Court. The Fun Fest bring art and entertainment to the grand event.

Though this event is three long months away, we’d say buckle up and get ready for it, and stay tuned for further deets!

Where | Taj Palace Hotel, Diplomatic Enclave
When | 23rd - 24th December
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