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So Now You Have To Clear An Aptitute Test BEFORE Being Allowed To Take IIT-JEE?!

Aspiring IIT-ians, things are going to get even tougher for you now, as this year onwards, the government has introduced an aptitude test that aspiring engineers will have to clear even before attempting Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination! WHAT?!?

As if it anyway wasn’t difficult to get into IIT, now they’ve got a test to just sit for the entrance? Good going our education system, making things tougher so that students get more and more pressurized! *Shaking our heads*

Via this aptitude test, they’re going to decide if your aptitude is good enough for an IIT-JEE entrance. Every year, millions of students sit for the entrance and honestly it’s a rat race here, but now with this aptitude test, the people who’ll sit for the entrance will surely become less. 

Aspiring engineers, it’s time to get working already! *Sigh*