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So Now New Delhi Railway Station Will Get Its Own Waste-To-Energy Plant To Fuel Itself

New Delhi Railway station is soon to have a waste-to-energy plant of its own that’ll help recycle solid waste generated on its premises. After Jaipur, the capital city will be the second city to have this waste to energy plant!

The daily collection of solid waste at the New Delhi Railway Station is of 32 tonnes every day approx and the upcoming plant will have the capacity to recycle 15 tonnes per day! Not bad! Bio-methanation plants are less polluting than others and the risk involved in handling of hazardous waste is lower. 

After this waste is recycled into electricity, the Railways will purchase it at rates applicable for a domestic user, and procured energy will cater to the needs of the station itself. 

Finally some waste from the country is being put to decent use! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times