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Sniffing Out Awesome Biryani - Check Out Kebab Gali in Malviya Nagar

When you’ve got flavours, presentation and taste all on point, nobody can resist a spicy and fragrant portion of Biryani. To get all that right, we can happily place our bets on Kebab Gali’s divine Biryani!

You can choose any of their heavenly biryanis - the vegetarian, chicken or mutton variants - they’re all just amazing! Cooked and presented in handis, they deliver ‘em that way too, so it’s piping hot with absolutely no compromises on taste.

If you feel like making a big fat meal out of it, then order up their Dahi ke Kebabs, Fish Curry and Gajar ka Halwa too. A meal for two here would cost you a very reasonable Rs 600.

Hit This Gali To Get Here | 7-8, Corner Market, Malviya Nagar