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Sneak Peek | We Checked Out a Brand New, Quirky Joint in Rajouri Called DRAMA Upside Down Bar!

Here’s an interesting piece of information for all you people out there; a new restaurant is set to make its bold entry into the hustle bustle of the varied restaurants of Rajouri Garden! And the place is not to be deterred by the already fast-moving culinary business in the area.

DRAMA is the newest and probably one of the quirkiest restaurants that we're talking about here, people. We recently got the chance to attend their pre-launch event which showcased their fancy joint; and a live cooking session with the Head Chef, Akshay Nayyar; and here are all the deets you need to know! 

First things first, let’s talk about the details of the restaurant. Every restaurant in Rajouri has its own unique theme to offer, and DRAMA has decided to make heads turn and literally turn people upside-down with their fascinating theme of - upside down! The interiors have been decorated brilliantly to complement this theme - the book shelves, the lamps and even the aquarium are all upside down (nice!).

And if you focus on just an image of the place, you're bound to twist your head until you realise the image has not been inverted for your jest, no sir. Along with this, the name of the place also divulges a huge detail about it: theatrical aspects of a drama! Yes, the place is full of drama: from its items’ names to their presentation. Even the pre-launch event was brimming with drama and the Head Chef did not hold back on his fun dramatical talents. Go on, keep scrolling!

The event was an uber-exclusive one, aimed at the promotion of the place and putting all its myriad attractions in the limelight. The Head Chef, Akshay Nayyar, performed a live cooking show in which he cooked and presented a few of the appetizers the place has to offer and gave a little background of each dish’s inception.

From cooking to explaining their respective drama, the chef stole the show with his jovial demeanour, and his open-hearted imparting of knowledge about making pesto sauce, Guava Tikkis, and even giving away a few of the quirky glasses. In the end, it's only fair to say the chef did stand up to the place’s motto, “food is all about perception”; and the place really did create a commendable impression!

Now let’s talk about food!

Pinwheel Sandwich

Served with Monterey Jack cheese sandwich, and cocktail vegetables, the item provided a delightful and refreshing taste. The dish was grilled and hot; and being able to watch the entire cooking process of it made it even better for the senses. The taste was a mix of spiciness, sweetness and sourness; and is a must try for everyone! 

Agni Path Murgi

The drama behind this dish was its fulsome spiciness! The dish was served with chillies, hot peppers, and the aroma made us long for the dish. The taste was, needless to say, super spicy and gave our taste buds a great time. This one's for all the spice-lovers out there!

I-Tikki 7s

Sounds oddly like an iPhone variant, right? Well that’s because the item is kind of inspired by Apple; and that’s the drama! The item is basically seven kinds of tikkis (including a quirky beetroot one), served hot and along with an iPad (wow!). The tikkis were an absolute delight with their delicate flavours and the exciting concept of an iPad placed before us. Keep in mind though, that the order of this dish is limited to ten units at a time.

Evil Cheese Fingers

'Cheese loaded straws' is how DRAMA describes this dish and so it was! An amazing addition to their menu, the item was a perfect blend of the chutney, the cheese and the pistachio components. The item was a bit dry in the middle, but the overall taste was pleasant and made the dish a fun appetizer to have.

DRAMA Fruit Punch (Mocktail)

Moving on now to the beverages, we first decided to have this delightful mocktail, which is a pleasant combination of mixed juices and vanilla ice cream. The taste was refreshing and gave our palate a nice kick. The drink is an absolute must for anyone who’s looking for a fresh start to their day.

DRAMA Punch (Cocktail)

Probably our favourite beverage at the place, the drink gave our taste buds the haven they've been seeking and a boozy kick unlike any other cocktail! The beverage was vodka based and a mix of orange and basil. The sourness of the orange complemented the taste of vodka well; and the presentation was equally astounding. The smoky appearance, and the artistic glasses made the drink appealing and refreshing.

DRAMA Bull (Mocktail)

The drink was a mix of Red Bull (which is always welcome), with fresh watermelon and ginger; which gave the drink a pleasant taste but was a tad bit too sweet at times, and a bit too sour at others. The drink was not better than the other mocktail we tried, but was surely a drink that you could go for.

DRAMA Mojito (Cocktail)

A rum-based drink, served as a combination of mango, mint and cocoa flavour, the drink was pungent and took us by surprise. The overall taste of the beverage was good, and though it was not at par with the other items, it was nevertheless a nice treat that you could reward yourselves with!

So there you go, people. Our veritable review of the pre-launch event by DRAMA, and the exciting things it had to offer. The place does look promising and easily conveys its theatrical/dramatic elements. DRAMA is a fresh addition to the gamut of restaurants in Rajouri, and is a place everyone should be on the lookout for!

Location | J-2/19, 1st - 3rd Floor, BK Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden
Meal For Two | Rs 1,500 - 2,000