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Smooth & Easy to Chug: Go Try This Spanish Beer Called Mahou!

India’s slowly and steadily becoming known for welcoming new and innovative beers, and now it’s time to say hello to another stellar one! Mahou India is a 100% subsidiary of Spanish brewing bigwig, Mahou San Miguel, market leader in Spain, who has finally brought this delicious beer to the country!

We tried it for ourselves and found this premium bright golden lager to be fruity with an elegant malt aroma, a slight bitter finish with faint balsamic hints making it a smooth and easy-to-wash down beer. It also doesn’t make you feel heavy and bloated and personally, we loved that bit the most!

Mahou Clásica is perfectly balanced with its characteristics that are highly inspired by the rich Spanish flavor, which is going to be an enchanting experience for all the beer enthusiasts. It maintains the original recipe, taste and quality given to its production since 1890 (woah!) in the lands of Spain, giving a refreshing drinking experience. 

A can costs Rs 100, their 650 ml bottle goes for Rs 150 and a pint will set you back by Rs 80.

Go try it for yourselves!

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