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Smaaash In GGN Has Just Launched NCR's First Ever Multi-Level Go-Karting Circuit

NCR’s first multi-level Go-Karting circuit just got launched @ Smaaash and we can’t even contain our excitement! Come here and show off your daredevil driving antics, peeps. 

Go-Karting’s been one sport that’s loved by a lot of people, but Delhi never had a multi-level circuit for its people to show off their tricks at. Hence, here to save the day is Smaaash! Adjoining this is the Pitstop Brewpub, where you can head on over after a tiring sesh of Karting and enjoy some yummy food and drinks there! 

The Pitstop Brewpub is India’s biggest truck restaurant & bar that’s got a 160ft long truck which includes a fresh microbrewery, banquet space for 200 guests and a live kitchen! Woah!

Located in Sector 29, we’re heading over to go Go-Karting there! 

Where | Sector 29, Next to Oyster Water Park, Gurugram 
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