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Slurp Up Desi Shakes At Pocket Friendly Prices @ Shakes Darbar In Subhash Nagar

With the ever-westernising world that we live in, it’s time that we westernise our drinks a wee bit too, but not by losing their traditional deliciousness altogether! 

Shakes Darbar gives you the best of both worlds by mixing the good ol’ lassi with cool flavours like butterscotch and chocolate *yummy*! 

Think flavoured lassis like mango, pineapple, rose and the works besides flavoured soda milk which is every bit chatpataka and they've got healthy milkshakes too at awesome prices.

So what we're essentially saying is that a glass of these drinks is sure to make your mood a little lighter and your day a little cooler.

Location | Shakes Darbar, Shop No. 5, Main Market, Subhash Nagar Near Ramlila Ground
Price Range Of Shakes | Rs 30 - 90 
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/Shakes-Darbar-1134706073302777