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#SlowReveal: Aerocity's Epicuria Will House a Brand Spanking New Bar Called Daddy!

We recently shared news of Aerocity getting their very own Cyber Hub-esque massive mall called Worldmark, and now we’re slowly going to tell you about all the fun places opening there! 

Priyank Sukhija, the restaurateur behind Tamasha, Lord Of The Drinks and Teddy Boy (impressive!), has just announced the launch of his new masterpiece, Daddy! No seriously, it’s going to be called Daddy, guys. It’s going to be a 22,000 sq feet bar, shimmering with gold at Aerocity’s soon-to-be-launched Epicuria!

Daddy will be hosting new artists every month, and as weird as it sounds to say ‘Let’s go party at Daddy’,it surely will be the next new trend in the city! 

Stay tuned for further deets *knowing winks*!