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Slow-Cooked Delicacies The Sikkimese Way, Go Try The Newly Opened Nimtho In GK I

In order to give Delhiites a taste of authentic Sikkim cuisine, we have Nimtho at GK with the belief that food should always be organic and every recipe, close to its origin!

Slow-cooked to perfection just like the Sikkimese way, every ingredient at Nimtho ushers you to a journey into the quintessential Sikkimese kitchen.

What To Gorge On | Their menu includes the Sikkimese staples like curries which include Thakali Curry, Aloo Muttr Ras, Kaalo Dal plus they’ve got some specially curated Thalis too! Apart from this, there’s Momos, Thukpa, Thenthuk and the crowd fav Wai Wait Sadeko! Sweet! 

So if you’re up for some experimenting and ready to try something new, Nimtho is the place to go. We can’t wait to go indulge in their Nepalese grub right away!

Meal For Two | Rs 750
Where | 1st Floor, R Block Market, Pamposh Enclave, GK I
Check Out Their FB Page | https://web.facebook.com/nimthosikkim/?ref=page_internal