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Slake Your Summer Thirst With These Refreshing & Healthy Summer Coolers @ Cafe 5H

We’re feeling the temperature rise by the minute and our liquid intake is a combination spread of cold drinks, juices, shakes - you name it! We cannot seem to get enough of all the chillers we’re craving and that got us wishing for more varieties to try and if they’re also healthy with great taste, we could satiate ourselves to our heart’s content & not care in the least about calories!

While we were on the lookout for more options, Cafe 5H, with its refreshing & HEALTHY summer coolers became hands down our favourites! Located in Shahpur Jat, this quaint & cozy eatery is a treat to your senses. It looks adorable, feels warm and welcoming and they serve tasty grub and great drinks to sip on.

This time, we drank our fill of their amazing blends and our taste buds (and liver) are showering us with blessings! Now here’s what you should take a swig of on your next visit to the cafe!

Try This & This & This! | Try out Beet-It from their Cleanser-Energizer section which claims to  cleanse blood, strengthen the body & even purify the kidneys - all that in a few tasty gulps! Also give a try to their Greens - made out of cucumber, mint, ginger, celery, lemon and apple; or just do a shot with amla, coriander and honey. We also suggest going overboard with their Lychee Sensation from the Skin & Beauty section because that’s the perfect blend for summers and what’s more, it’ll leave you with radiant skin. Even their Summer Breeze has just the flavours to make summers bearable AND it’s great for you immune system too! 

The smoothies on their menu tasted heavenly with just the refreshing kick we were looking for; and we really liked their Best Of Berries! Plus, they also offer other drool-worthy & options like Spicy Banta, Paan Pasand Shake and Thandai Milkshake which have super beneficial anti-inflammatory properties! *WOW*

This is just the place to head to if you wanna taste delish summer chill in Delhi! 

Meal For Two | Rs 700
Location | 5H, First Floor, Jungi House, Shahpur Jat
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