Dilli Glutton

Sink Your Sweet Teeth Into Cherry Comet's Super Exotic & Delicious Waffles & Ice Cream Concoctions

An ice cream parlor like no other, Cherry Comet has won our hearts already with their mind blowing ice creams made right in front of our eyes. After revolutionizing the way we look at ice creams, they're now geared up to deliver the best waffle and ice cream combinations ever. 

Combinations You can’t Miss | To tickle all your sweet fantasies, they have come up with exotic waffle and ice cream concoctions to tantalise your taste buds. You just can’t afford to miss out on their golden crispy waffles with vanilla moon ice cream, freshly baked golden crispy waffles to rich chocolate brownies, chunky peanut butter blondies among others. 

So if you're a dessert lover, then you must head here and sink your sweet tooth into their heavenly concoctions!

Locations | Sangam Complex, RK Puram & Cyber Hub, Gurgaon