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Sinfully Chocolate-y & Topped With Vanilla Ice-Cream: Try The Chocolate Brownie @ Junkyard Cafe

Situated on the backside of the very popular & beloved Select Citywalk, lies this space of eclectic junk *some of it quite literally* that you'll love! Yes, we’re talking about The Junkyard Cafe, the haunt that’s known for its interiors, food, decor and much more!

The extravagant menu here caters to the health-conscious people who like indulging in nutritious and delicious meals! Read on to know exactly what we’re tripping on:

Chocolate Brownie | A fresh from the oven, sinful portion of chocolate draped brownie is served with dollops of vanilla ice cream. It’s a fudge-style brownie, having a dense and moist texture. Brownie points definitely go to the chocolatey flavour, making it an exemplary way of wrapping up a hard day at work!

This concept-driven café totally knows how to utilize junk in the most offbeat way with pocket friendly & scrumptious food as add-ons. 

Go try the dessert!

Price | Rs 395
Location | Salcon Ras Vilas Mall, District Centre, Saket