Dilli Glutton

Simply Sushi Is Now Open In Select & Does 'Japadogs' With Flavours Like Teriyaki & Kimchi

Imagine having something as good as an American hot dog but with Japanese flavours? Awyeah! There’s an all new eatery that’s just popped up in Select CITYWALK called Simply Sushi and it’s got ‘Japadogs’ that are basically a Japanese version of the typical American hot dogs with flavors like teriyaki, kimchi and chilli bean! YUM! 

What’s Cooking? | Simply Sushi is not just about sushi but it also has some other sundry super  things on the menu too. They’ve got vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian sushi here, plus nigiri too! But the one thing that we’re the most excited about is their Japadogs.

Sounds cool to us, and we just can't wait to gorge on some Japadogs and up our Insta game! 

Where | Simply Sushi - Select CITYWALK, Saket 
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/SimplySushi.Delhi/