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Sick Of The Awful Network You Get On The Metro? DMRC's Now Upgrading Mobile Connectivity!

How many of you have faced issues talking on the phone while travelling in the metro? Yeah, we’ve all been there *sigh*. But don’t worry anymore, because DMRC is improving mobile connections on the Violet and Yellow Lines right away! 

To improve cellular coverage, DMRC has decided to upgrade their mobile connectivity signals. Finally! To begin with, they’ve chosen a few stations on the Violet Line (ITO-Escorts Mujesar) and the Yellow Line (Samaypur Badli-HUDA City Centre) where new cellular towers will be installed. Good. 

They will provide bare spaces on license basis for placement and operation of telecommunication equipment. The aim is to enhance mobile signals, which would also mean better 2G, 3G and 4G services for commuters! Praise the Lord! 

Various stations have been chosen on the basis of various complaints received regarding issues faced by the commuters due to bad connectivity. Once this happens, you can easily chit chat or WhatsApp via travelling by the metro! Time to rejoice people!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times