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Show Your Love to 'Adopt A Meal', an Org. That Provides Healthy Packet Meals to The Needy

Adopt A Meal is a recently-formed organisation that works towards providing hygienic, good quality and healthy packet food to the needy. The main purpose behind the formation of this organisation is to eradicate malnourishment among the less privileged.

Adopt A Meal not only aims at providing food, but good quality food - keeping the nutrient and protein content in mind. They’re open to monetary and in-kind donations, grain, kitchen equipment, distribution vehicles - everything is welcome. 

People can help this organisation out by either volunteering or adopting a meal. Volunteer to help them reach their everyday goals, or provide them with monetary or other donations - your one tiny act of kindness can stop a child from going to bed on an empty stomach. Come on guys, let's do our bit here!

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