So Delhi

Sheltering The Sleeping Homeless On Frigid Nights - Did You Know About the Sleep Mafia of Old Delhi?

Most of us safe and comfortable in our snug, posh livings rooms have no clue as to what goes on in the narrow lanes of Old Delhi and how the homeless fend for themselves come nightfall!

Filmmaker Shaunak Sen doing his research on the city’s sleep vendors for his documentary uncovered this secret gray market that has shaped the shady alleyways of Old Delhi. So, as midnight approaches the quilt wallah, Farukh Khan, often referred to as the Sleep Mafia sits on a corner guarding the people sleeping on the streets.

Some who can’t afford Mr Khan’s services end up lighting a fire and crouch over it waiting for the night to end. Is that how the poor section of the city sleeps? Quite a shocking discovery this!

Source | The New York Times
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