India’s first ever community cafe has popped open in Shahpur Jat and it’s got such a good concept that you have to go check it out! The South Delhi Kitchen is doing something that no one else in the country has done till now - you get to share the table with strangers and even split the dishes and bill amount with them! WOAH! 

But wait, that’s not all, you can even lounge on a super comfy bed and enjoy some yummy breakfast while chilling in your pjs! Sweet! So they’re simply acting as a way to get Dilliwalas to interact with others over the best thing possible, food. The founders came up with the idea of community eating because what better way to get everyone to break the ice with strangers than by letting them eat on the same table and part ways after having split the bill! AWESOME!

Keeping the idea of sharing, the dining tables here have been contributed by people who don’t have any use for them! Nice! 

So we personally would love to go there simply because firstly, you get to have real conversations with people, and second you get to try various different dishes and thirdly, split the bill! YAY! 

So head on over and give this place a shot as soon as they open their gates on Saturday! 

Where | 119, Sishan House, SPJ
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