If you're one who eats, sleeps, books then we're here to introduce you to a rustic book store in town that you'll love nestled inside Lajpat Bhawan near Moolchand metro station! 

From the outset, the bookstore looks like a old and rotted garage and once you step in, you're instantly taken over by the smell of old and preloved/donated books. Some torn, some fresh; each one calls out to you. 

Though the store is a little unorganized, then again, this whole unkempt vibe is the very beauty of it!

What's in Store 

Think of coloring books, old comics & classic books, they've got it all. With multiple racks stacked with books of genres like self help, fiction, classics and more, the insurmountable variety of books, will bowl you over. You'll feel like buying them all as they're as cheap as Rs 10 per book. *yes, its true!*. Not just oldies, they also have fresh books like "50 Shades of Grey" which are in very good condition and available for just 150 bucks. 

What We Loved 

The most unforgettable aspect of this place is the homely and unkempt vibe of it. To top it all, their collection entails a fee manuscripts as well. Amazing! It's like your very own book store. You can sit here for hours in search of the perfect book that you want or donate your books and volunteer to help them out too as they always welcome new volunteers. 

So if you're a true bibliophile at heart, head here. 

Location | Lajpat Bhawan, Near Moolchand Metro Station
Timings | 10:30 AM - 1 PM 
Days | Monday, Tuesday & Friday