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#SeasonalMenu - We're Drooling Over The Achari Risotto at FIRE Located @ The Park

A swanky haunt that has flames on its wall *psst, not literally*, lovely music and scrumptious food, FIRE at The Park is certainly one of a kind! And this eatery has come up with a rad new menu that proudly represents Indian food in a contemporary style. 

About The Seasonal Menu | The new menu is a union of the best of Indian ingredients from a growing list of suppliers and artisans who practice sustainable techniques to offer environmentally-conscious foods, and not just this, some of the products are grown inside the hotel, wherein waste bathtubs are converted into colorful planting containers. 

On our culinary excursion, their Achari Risotto completely won us over and here’s why. 

About The Dish | Arborio rice with seasonal farm-grown vegetables, organic chicken and desi cow ghee was served with a kurkuri karela. Mildly spicy, tangy and sour! The dish had the right amount of achari flavors which were very similar to a mango pickle and the kurkuri karela chip added suitable amount of crunch to the dish.

So head over and devour! 

Meal For Two | Rs 2,000 
Location | The Park, 15, Parliament Street, CP