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SDMC & Northern Railways Have Launched 'The Terminator' to Spray Insecticides All Over Town

Recently a lot of mosquito-borne diseases have taken over the city, which is why the South Delhi Municipal Corporation and Northern Railways have finally come up with a solution! They’ve introduced a special train called The Terminator, which will spray insecticides across the railway tracks in the city. 

The train started its course last Friday from Platform Number 1 at New Delhi Railway Station and plans to go to every station in Delhi. The train has a low-lying platform on which a high-pressure spraying truck is mounted. This new spraying machine can cover up to 60 metres in one go - awesome!

The trains will be able to control mosquito borne diseases since there are many slums across the train tracks which are the primary breeding spots for them. As claimed by the South Civic Body Commissioner, Puneet Goel, these trains are meant to kill the larva in the water bodies, and since there's stagnant water collected in several areas near the train tracks, this sounds like a good plan!

Let’s hope this spray works well, because the number of Chikungunya and Dengue cases has been on an exponential rise lately! 

Sourced via The Hindustan Times