Say WHAAAA! Is Big Chill Opening In Gurgaon? There's A Rumour Going Around And We Can't Keep Calm!

Editors 29 Aug 2017

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Gurugram-vaasis, we have some news for you which will change your foodie game to a whole new level. What if we told you that all of your runs to go to your favourite Italian joint, Big Chill may finally come to an end? That your loyalty towards this age-old joint will finally get them inspired to open an outlet in G-Town?! 

YAS! As crazy as that sounds, rumour around the block is that Big Chill may be opening an outlet in Gurugram FINALLY!! After maintaining their ‘South Delhi’ status for so long, they ventured over to Noida and now we’ve just been told by an insider that they may be opening in GGN but there are no confirmations yet! 

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Honestly, this is the best news we’ve heard all day! Finally some Spaghetti Bolognese, Fusilli Chicken, Penne Vodka Prawn Pasta & Banoffee Pie lovin’ in Gurugram may become a reality! <3 

We’re hoping that this news ain’t fake ‘cause our little meatball hearts are surely going to break then! 

Stay tuned for further deets! *Fingers crossed*. Till then read our review with some of our Big Chill favourites right HERE.

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