Life In Dilli Metro

*Say WHAAA* You Can Soon Get From Delhi To Noida In 16 Minutes People!

There’s some over the top amazing news for all metro travellers going from Noida to South Delhi and vice versa! Once the Magenta Line kicks off, the travel time for the same will fall down to barely 16 minutes!!! WOAH!! That’s less time than it takes travelling in and around South Delhi itself! 

Noida's Botanical Garden to South Delhi's Kalkaji will just take 16 minutes by covering 8 stations, an almost 70% drop in the travelling distance, from the present 52 minutes! That’s a huge chunk of time saved people. Think of all the extra sleep you’re gonna get!

The Magenta Line that’s all set to be flagged off probably by the end of next month, and this is a part of Delhi Metro’s Phase III expansion, and will be covering a total of 25 stations from Botanical Garden to Janakpuri West, with a total travelling time of a little less than an hour! 

We’re so excited for this! 

Sourced Via Money Control