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Satiate All Your Dimsum Cravings @ Dimsum Bros With Their Awesome Unlimited Lunch Offer

Care to share some dimsum love with your loved ones? At Dimsum Bros you can share unlimited dimsum love with their massive list of amazing varieties!

Their Unlimited Dimsum Offer starts at Rs 550 for vegetarians, Rs 650 for non-vegetarians and Rs 875 for their seafood varieties. Not one to stop there, they’ve even got an all-you-can-eat offer happening on Wednesdays at just Rs 899! Now that’s one offer we can get behind!

Skeptical about what to go in for? We say go for their Pork, Duck and Chicken dimsums! A filling meal for two would set you back by Rs 1,800.

Where It’s At | Ambience Mall, Gurgaon