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Sarojini's Prized Gem & Go-To Haunt For Awesome Bags of All Kinds, Here's Old Tree!

Sarojini Nagar Market has been the hub for cheap yet trendy shopping for most girls in the city. If you’re looking for bags (and who isn't, really!), then you have to head over to the Old Tree!

Old Tree is a little shop in Sarojini Nagar’s export lane, which has a great bunch of good quality bags in various assorted shapes, sizes and materials. Old Tree lies bang in the beginning of the shopping lane and you can’t miss out on it. They have all sorts of beautiful bags and at times, you might find a labelled, branded one here too (at dirt cheap prices, of course)! 

They have good 10-15 fringed bags hanging at the entrance which will for sure catch your eye. Whether you’re looking for slings or mega-size totes, they have 'em all! From leather to suede, every material is available and you can go get yourself some great bargains.

Check out their little store and go get yourself a chic bag at a minimal price!

Where | Sarojini Nagar Market
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