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Sad News Guys - Akshara Theatre May Just Be Shutting Down, But You Can Help

The theatre that's been home to some of the most spectacular plays, dances and musical performances for more than 44 years now may just have to shut down *shaking our heads sadly*. This sad fate that the theatre is currently faced with is because they've just been handed an alarmingly high electricity bill!

The bill due is a whopping Rs 3,00,000, but due to some add-on charges their outstanding payment now amounts to Rs 5,00,000. All this needs to be paid on or before the 15th of March or we may not be able to see Akshara Theatre in all its glory ever again!

Here's how you can help - there's an online fundraiser where you guys can contribute and help save this landmark! Support the cause and don't procrastinate - every little bit helps!

You Can Contribute Here |