Mounds Upon Mounds Of Fresh Veggies: These Are The Best Sabzi Mandis Of Delhi

Grocery shopping has come a long way in Delhi. We now have supermarkets, weekly markets, the omnipresent street vendors and now you can even order groceries online! Yet there is an undeniable charm to shopping in the unorganised sabzi mandis of Delhi. Besides bringing the freshest produce and the deeply slashed prices, shopping here is an experience in itself. Take a look at the famous mandis of Delhi! 

Azadpur Sabzi Mandi

This very famous fruit and vegetable market came into existence back in 1977 and is the largest wholesale market in Asia! It serves as a national distribution centre and was announced as a Market of National Importance in India. The mandi is expectedly chaotic and unruly, but the fresh produce and juicy fruit are worth all the trouble!

Mehrauli Sabzi Mandi 

The Mehrauli Sabzi Mandi is a subset of the larger Mehrauli market, and a haven for vegetable suppliers and consumers alike. The market has on offer a superlative quality of fruit and vegetables at damn cheap prices. It’s better to reach here early in the morning, as the best produce vanishes fast!

Okhla Sabzi Mandi

The hustle bustle in Okhla Sabzi Mandi begins at 5 AM and it’s considered to be the biggest vegetable market in Delhi. Established in 1987, this place has over 300 shops peddling both fruit and vegetables that are shipped from different parts of India. Due to the keen competition, prices here are usually low and if you’ve got good bargaining skills, you can score a really good deal!

Arya Pura Sabzi Mandi

Another famous sabzi mandi of Delhi is the Arya Pura Mandi, which is full of different varieties of fruit and vegetables. One of the unique features of this market is that it supplies seeds as well, and hence seed dealers and suppliers can be seen hawking their wares in the market. If you’ve been wanting to cultivate your own kitchen garden, head here for the best quality seeds in Delhi!

Ghanta Ghar Sabzi Mandi

Situated in North Delhi, this mandi has been a prominent market since a long time. Fruit and vegetables of all sorts, sourced from several parts of India, are sold here. Fruit packages are a highlight here, as the fruit is sold in bulk and packaged for weddings and prosperous occasions. The next time you need a fruit package at reasonable prices, you know where to go!

Old Delhi Sabzi Mandi

This used to be a huge mandi some time back but with all the business development taking place in the Kamla Nagar area, this mandi has been greatly reduced in size, however, it still remains a shopping bazaar for the locals of the area. On a more positive note, this mandi is less chaotic and you will have a comparatively better shopping experience than any other mandi in the city.

Mandawali Sabzi Mandi

Another famous sabzi mandi in Delhi, this place is popular in and around Mandawali for its fresh fruit and vegetables that can be purchased at pretty reasonable prices. The mandi is so popular that it has more or less become a landmark for the people who want to visit this area. Bargaining is a very useful skill to use here, so expect lots of haggling!

Shahdara Sabzi Mandi


Located in the East Delhi district, the Shahdra Sabzi Mandi is a prominent one in the area. A huge market for fruit and vegetables – brokers and stall owners purchase fresh produce in bulk from here. Also, large quantities of fruit are purchased from here for gifting purposes when it comes to weddings and other occasions. When you need to buy in bulk, just head here!

This list marks out the best mandis you will find in and around town. In case you want to stock up on groceries for a whole month (or longer), find the mandi nearest you and shop away!