Rustic Red Brick Walls & A Totally Chill Vibe Is Luring Us Straight To This Cute Cafe In GK!

So Delhi 31 Aug 2017

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GK III has a super cute new restaurant that looks adorbs! OH-HI-YO is a cutesy lil cafe with red brick walls with frames adorning ‘em which we’re totally loving just seeing the images! 

The frames on their walls are of various musicians and their hit album art, like Green Day’s American Idiot, Linkin Park’s Minutes To Midnight, Britney Spear’s Glory and so many more! So we’re sure that the music here has to be en-point!

Coming to the food, their menu offers a bunch of cuisines including North Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Continental and Mexican! Comfort food like soups, salads, rolls, Lebanese platters, tandoori kebabs, dimsums, pastas and so much more will all be available to indulge in here! YUM! 

So go ahead and check out this all new place that we’re waiting to go dine at! 

Meal For Two | Rs 1,200
Where | E 1, Masjid Moth, GK III
Check Out Their FB Page |