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Run For A Good Cause With Running Week Taking Place Across Delhi Till The 31st Dec

All the athletes in the house, listen up! There’s an ongoing charity running event that you wouldn’t want to miss out on! 

Running Week's been organized by Tarun Walecha, a Delhi based architect and runner who’s been associated with events like the Pinkathon, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, Millennium City Marathon etc. He’s been a pacer for many half marathon events and manages a running group called RunXtreme.

Supported by various running groups all across NCR, he’s taking the initiative to run 21.1 km (Half Marathon Distance) for 7 consecutive days starting 25th December till 31st December. 

These runs are being organized in different parts of Delhi NCR, and are open to everyone, as per their convenience or training schedule. On each day the event will collect donations in the form of equipment, clothes and gear from those wishing to donate.

On January 1, after the Running Week, they plan to give away the collected goodies to athletes and children in need, in the hope that this would mark a good beginning to their New Year. How awesome is that!

The schedule of runs and the participating groups are as follows: 

Tuesday, December 27 - Sanjay Van (DRG)
Wednesday, December 28 - Gurgaon (Runbugs) 
Thursday, December 29 - Greater Noida (XFR)
Friday, December 30 - Noida (SRC)
Saturday, December 31 - Venue To Be Decided (Combined, All Group Run)

We’ve already missed out on two days of the Running Week, quickly run to catch up with the rest! 

When | Till 31st December