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Rosarte Has Perfected The Art of Gourmet Couture Chocolate & We're Currently Drooling!

Chocolate is the one guilty indulgence which no one ever minds, and specially if it’s yummy gourmet chocolate, and thus we present to you Rosarte! Rosarte is one brand that finely prepares gourmet couture chocolate which you’ll love to cherish and indulge in!

Each masterpiece is created at Rosarte using ingredients imported from various parts of the world. Cocoa is brought in from Java, Madagascar, Ghana, Grenada and Arriba (nice!). They've got a scrumptious variety of flavours too, like Guste Classic French Truffles, Affandi Java, Vincent Almond, Voltaire Coffee and lots more! 

A box of assorted chocolates from Rosarte would set you back by Rs 500.

Just thinking about these yummy chocolates is making our mouths water! *hungry sighs* 

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