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Roaming Around Delhi & Need A Loo? Just Search For The Nearest One On Google Maps!

With the help of Google Maps, now people can locate 331 public toilets in New Delhi! Nicee! All you need to do is write 'Toilet' or 'Public Toilet' in Google Maps and it will help you navigate through the busy New Delhi lanes to the nearest one.

The facility was launched to make the city cleaner and to help reduce public urination. Currently, NDMC has mapped 331 toilets on Google Maps and within 3 months, 41 more public toilets will get mapped on it too! 

After using the public toilets, users can rate the public toilets and share their experience. The public reviews will help NDMC track public feedback and improve infrastructure and amenities in the toilets.

The campaign will begin on 12th July and end on the 11th of August, and at the end of the campaign the cleanest toilet will be awarded! 

In hopes of making urination facilities better in the city, this move is pretty amazing! 

Sourced Via Times Of India