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Right On The Heels Of CP's Rooftop Fiasco, Khan Market Next In Line For An NDMC Inspection

After the fiasco that happened in CP, what with rooftops collapsing and further banning of all rooftops there, the news around the corner is that South Delhi’s favourite hangout spot, Khan Market is also going to go through a round of inspections now! 

OMG YES! So basically, with Khan Market also sporting mostly rooftops built on slightly older structures, chances here also seem like 50-50 either way. The New Delhi Municipal Corporation is soon to launch an audit towards all these Khan Market eatries to determine how safe they are. 

This move is taking place only because of the collapse of two rooftops within a fortnight at heritage hub CP! Thus, in order to keep a check on the safety of these heritage buildings, Khan Market is next in line.

Personally, we’ll just say one thing - enjoy it while it lasts, guys! Go complete your Khan Market bucket list right away. 

Sourced Via The Times Of India