Have you ever been green with envy watching people float away gleefully on their flashy hoverboards? Well you can also get a fancy one worth 30k, all you have to do is participate in our fun twitter contest. 

Rules & Regulations | You need to follow @SoDelhi and @DLFPromenade and also use the hashtag #ShopOnUs in every tweet!

Shopping at DLF Promenade too is going to give you phenomenal perks of splurging there! Every week they're giving out gift cards worth Rs 1,00,000, 75,000 and 50,000 to 3 of their highest shoppers where the minimum amount you need to spend is 10,000 bucks.

If you've been regularly playing our contests then let us tell you to gear up this time because we're shaking things up! It's going to be just 3 winners for 3 questions and if you're able to crack even one of them you'll stand to win a gleaming Hoverboard. 

This one's a pan India contest so we're calling out to each and everyone of you. So don't forget to log onto our twitter page at 5 PM sharp. May the best man win!