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Rent Out Gorgeous Designer Wear At Dirt Cheap Prices | Check Out Stage 3 Today

Nowadays in the world of fashion it’s an unspoken rule that an outfit once worn and revealed on social media platforms via pictures shall never be repeated again! In this case what pinches the most is spending on designer wear and not being able to wear it again!

Here’s where Stage 3 steps in and lets us rent a look by a designer to step out in style. All you gotta do is pick out an outfit, give them your measurements and they’ll get it dry cleaned and ship it right over - ready for you to flaunt! 

Designers on their website include Sabyasachi, Raw Mango, Manish Malhotra, Anamika Khanna, need we go on? 

You can own the look for 4 to 7 days and they’ll schedule the delivery and pick up the outfit accordingly. Looking at their charges, you’ll only be required to pay 1/10th the cover designer price in most of the cases. 

The Catch | If you’re late by even one day a fine of Rs 1,000 would be charged and don’t delay any further 'cause if you're 5 days late, it'll cost you 50% of the garment and if it goes on upto 10 days you’re going to be shelling out the entire cost of the outfit!!

We just have to admit, it’s as if we were a damsel in distress and Stage 3 waltzed in like an angel in disguise! *So happy*! 

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