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Remember How M&M's Used To Be A Rare Luxury? They're Now Comin' To India For Good!

We’ve grown up eating Gems and smarties all our lives, and waited for our families overseas to get us M&M's! Then slowly we started getting M&M’s in Delhi but they never tasted as good as the ones abroad. But finally, Mars International is all set to bring the original, the real deal, M&M’s to India! WOOHOO! 

No more fake ones or stale or just wrong tasting chocolate bits, because the real deal is hitting the country and we just can’t wait for it!! 

Confectionery maker Mars International said last Wednesday that it is launching the world's biggest confectionery brand M&M's in the country! M&M's are being imported but the company will consider local manufacturing in India too. 

Though M&M’s are priced a little higher when it comes to chocolates in India, they’re totally worth every penny! 

We’re so excited for this!! 

Sourced Via Economic Times