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Refreshing Drinks to Keep The Heat at Bay & a Soothing Ambience - Hinglish, The Colonial Cafe

Welcoming glass doors and a subtle soothing ambience, Hinglish, The Colonial Cafe is that one balmy place where you can literally go everyday to unwind your work-weary soul. Offering Continental, North Indian and Italian cuisines, this place is bound to become your favourite. To top it all, they’ve come up with a whole new range of drinks and we can’t stop raving about them! 

The Offerings | Since it’s scorching and humid yet again, this exquisite bar ensures you a refreshing and soothing visit by offering you a whole new range of Smoked Iced Teas, deconstructed Cocktails, Alcoholic Bantas - et al. So go slurp up these indulgences and have the best time!

Their exhilarating beverages, on average, cost Rs 300.

Head over to merrily unwind your day!

Location | Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar