Pounds of fresh vegetables, oodles of newly-picked, pristine and juicy fruits and all manner of super-food (think fabulously raw Chia seeds) - all this and more simply juiced up into quaint bottles packaged with a bow! That’s what RAWKING does - bottling up freshness, ready to be guzzled down on the go!
While you’re out juggling deadlines and unheard-of workloads at your desks, RAWKING uses the cold-pressing technique to concoct raw juices containing pretty much everything your body’s been craving! It gives you the luxury of simply downing a bottle filled with greens, all the essential vitamins and scores of minerals you didn’t even know existed! 
With a comprehensive list of juices (and we’re absolutely in love with their cute names btw), RAWKING simply promises this - it’ll keep you fit, active and healthy - the wholesome way! Their range of juices encompass every benefit you could have wished for - better skin, healthier complexion, perfect acidic levels, great gobs of Vitamin C, increased circulation, better immunity - wait, why don’t we just show you?
We glugged down their massive range of cold-pressed juices - just to see what it was all about and here’s the verdict:
Pineapple Solo | Entirely composed of the goodness of huge chunks of Pineapples, their Pineapple Solo is just a drink made for the gods! Superbly zesty and flavourful, it’s like we just bit into a thick hunk of pineapple ourselves! Oh and before we forget - one bottle helps boost immunity and is awesome for the eyes, skin and blood vessels!
Ninja | Yup, just like the name (told you the names were just adorable), this one’s the dynamite of the lot! Made up of apples, carrots, red cabbage, beet and red bell peppers, one good gulp and it’ll make you feel more agile, alert and will literally scrub off all the harmful toxins and free-radicals clean from your body! So now you know what to do when you have that godawful hangover you can’t get rid of!
Midas | No, seriously, they really mean the Midas touch! Just perfect for that radiant glow you need, it’s a blend of coconut water, casaba, cucumber, fennel and lots of broccoli. A delightfully earthy, coconut-y flavour, Midas is thoroughly refreshing as well as being brilliant for your skin - a pretty great deal wouldn’t you say?
Olympian | Now this one is indeed a champion! It’s got tons of pineapples, pears, yellow peppers, coconut water, chia seeds and turmeric. Basically, this one is especially for those of you sweating it out at the gym, trying to increase your stamina! 
Gladiator | Ah,the warrior of them all! So Gladiator (we love saying this) is concocted using carrots, red bell peppers, pineapples, broccoli and basil. Why you should drink it? Because it’s immunity in a bottle! Replete with anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, you’ll be doing your body a favour drinking up this one!
Orange Solo | The perfect breakfast drink, it’s got delicious written all over it! You’ll pretty much linger on every sip and give your body the ultimate dose of badly-needed Vitamin C! Great for pretty much everything - helps you get your zing on!
Samurai | Literally helps in slicing off excess fat, kickstarting your metabolism and shed those extra calories! Are you listening ladies? This is basically your entire diet plan in a bottle! Want a little something extra - it’s also pretty tasty and will blend in smoothly with that salad you’re munching!
Sample even a bottle of RAWKING’s little beauties, and we promise you’ll be hooked onto the most wholesome fetish ever! You’re welcome guys!
P.S. | We were so in love with their juices we didn’t even touch on their heavenly salads! Check them out!

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