Nukkad Ka Bhukkad

Purani Dilli's Legendary Lotan Chole Kulche Has Finally Arrived At East Delhi, Foodies!

Old Delhi’s special, Lotan Chole Kulche has finally stepped foot in East Delhi with an outlet in Krishna Nagar and we just can’t wait to go check it out! OMG!

The legendary Lotan Ke Chole Kulche, also known as the spiciest chole kulche in town, has been serving its loyal customers since ages now from their Chawri Bazaar outlet. Now, with an outlet in Krishna Nagar, we’re totally going to gorge on these yummy Chole Kulche more often now! 

It’s a family-run business that’s been passed on from generation to generation, while they make sure that they don’t let the secret recipes out. 

What’s So Special? | The size of his utensils are bigger than usual, which is why he’s able to feed several individuals all at once and the masala water he prepares is actually sprinkled by this man called Bali, at regular intervals so that the chole don't go dry. There are around four buckets, a liter each, filled with that masala water and kept in stock, and Bali is asked to pour down a bucket, in two installments, every time the chole start to get dry. 

He has three levels of spices available, low, medium and high which is totally up to you to choose! 

So head on over and indulge in the yummy goodies here at Lotan Chole Kulche!

Price Per Plate | Rs 40
Where | Krishna Nagar, East Nagar