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Punjabi Bagh Welcomes to The Fold Its Very Own Nando's!

When cravings for juicy chicken and spicy peri peri dips strike, we all know that a visit to Nando's is what we're hankering after! Punjabi Bagh, you needn't settle for alternatives anymore as now you've got your very own Nando's!

Classics at Our Peri Peri Abode | We can't stop raving about the Grilled Peri Peri Chicken (obv), but their Peri Peri Chicken Caesar Wrap, Butterfly Chicken and Creamy Cheesecake also deserve your undivided attention! 

A meal for two would cost you around Rs 1,400.

West Delhi - go get your fair share of their Afro-Portuguese grub!

Drive Down To | Club Road, Punjabi Bagh