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Providing Well-Trained & Skilled Domestic Help, Check Out The DekhoSeekho App!

DekhoSeekho is an organisation started by The Maids’ Company to basically provide people with service and not servants. In a market where getting domestic help is a pain, these guys will make your life much easier with skilled help!

Over the past 5 years, The Maids’ Company has trained over 1,500 workers and serviced more than 3,000 homes. Their aim is to bring professionalism to homes and dignity to workers and they’re doing a great job at it! 

Via DekhoSeekho, domestic workers are given easy access to skill training, which in return helps them increase their income in the long run. Say bye-bye to unskilled help and say hello to well trained ones because smart worker = smart home! 

They work via an app that’s available for Android devices only for now, with the iOS one coming soon. Get downloading now!

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