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Pricey Novels Wrecking Your Budget? BookChor Lets You Handily Rent, Buy & Sell Books!

Are you a book lover but simply wring your hands at the thought of shelling out wads of cash on ‘em? is exactly your thing then! Books are our forever BFFs really, and what’s better than to get them in perfect condition, and at a price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket? Nothing! 

The idea behind BookChor is to make books available at cheaper prices, but more importantly,  hand me down books have these little, precious and loving comments in them, and it’s through these comments that you’ll be able to see a whole new perspective of the story in the book. These little touches make the book more personalized and unique as opposed to newly-minted, store-bought ones! 

Ranging from academic books to cookbooks, fictions and biographies, they’ve got everything and plenty of options in each category! BookChor allows you to buy and sell any kind of book you want and you can even earn some extra pocket money by simply listing your used books on their app for free, and get in touch with avid buyers. Cool!

You can even rent novels if you’re not interested in buying/selling. There’s a whole lot going on in this app, so fellow bibliophiles, go download it and you’ll be happier than ever!

P.S. - They even have some crazy discounts, like for instance the entire Twilight Saga is available for 250 bucks, whereas the original price is nothing less that Rs 1,200 *starry eyed*!

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