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Priceless Mughal Monuments Emblazoned Onto Crisp Notebooks: Mypaperclip Is Our Newest Fetish!

Gone are the days when boring stationery was acceptable, now it’s a time and age where it’s all about funky notebooks and pens! Mypaperclip’s got a bunch of super cute and colourful diaries that we’re totally digging.

They’ve got the simple block coloured ones, plus slightly more interesting ones with cutesy prints and designs. Their paper quality is top notch and every paper lover is going to love ‘em! Simple covers in block colours like bright orange, pink, yellow, blue and purple which stand out with the white smooth sheets inside, these notebooks are here to brighten up your dull and mundane office day! 

Their adorable notebooks are priced at 395 bucks a pop.

Order up some custom notebooks for your workplace, or just some for your own guilty indulgence, Mypaperclip is here to save the day! 

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