So Delhi

Pledge Allegiance To The *Bira 91* Movement & Take On The Fun #CanYouBira Challenge!

Delhi has become all the more brewtiful all thanks to Bira 91 - a fun and cheeky handcrafted beer, imagined in India with an uber cool mascot that loves monkeying about and beerstorming and so they've come with an amazing challenge that you won't be able to refuse!

#CanYouBira Challenge | All you gotta do is strike the Bira 91 pose as shown here in the most unusual of places - it could be whilst standing in an ATM queue, in the middle of an important meeting, at a restaurant or even a cinema hall - the quirkier, the better! 

Upload the photo / boomerang / video on any social media platform and tag @Bira91 using the hashtag #CanYouBira.

In It To Win It | For taking part in this gleeful challenge, you can get your hands on some offbeat Bira goodies and merch!

So be Bira, be unconventional and take on this super fun challenge - the more, the merrier!

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