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Planning A Road Trip With Your Gang? UberHIRE XL Can Fit 6 People @ Rs 359 For 1 Hr

Uber’s got something awesome in line and we’re all set to tell you ‘bout it! UberHIRE XL has just been launched in Delhi and the deal sounds pretty awesome! 

Get This | UberHIRE XL allows six people to travel together, in contrast to UberHIRE, which allows up to four people to share the ride. So now if you’re headed somewhere with your friends, this is how you can get there without any one of you cribbing about having to drive so far. 
Unlike most other offerings from Uber, UberHIRE and UberHIRE XL allows a customer to book a cab for several hours at once. So not only is it suitable for travelling to nearby places, but even for tourists who wish to go around the city and find it more convenient to take the same cab everywhere. Nice! Since they offer users the options to make multiple stops in a trip, it’s a pretty darn good deal is what we feel! 

Customers who avail an UberHIRE XL will have to pay a minimum fare of Rs 359 in cash, which will cover an hour of travel time and up to 10 kilometres of travel distance.

Sounds like a good deal to us! 

Sourced Via NDTV